Caring & Cleaning your Jewellery

IMG_1779 web photo 2.JPGCopper  and Brass Items

Uncoated/Raw copper and brass are beautiful metals but they do tarnish (oxidize). Here's two methods showing how you can get it sparkling again. Once clean and dry a rub with a Sunshine Jewellery Polishing Cloth buffs it nicely.

Vinegar and Salt Method

1. Pour white vinegar and salt over the copper bracelet and rub in to remove all tarnish.
Rinse off and polish with a soft, dry cloth.

Tomato Sauce Method

2. My favoured method is a little tomato sauce, with a soft toothbrush, brush/rub and thoroughly rinse under cold running water. The brass earring in the photo show one tarnished and one cleaned with tomato sauce (any branch, but I use Rosella) and the copper bracelet below right shown partly cleaned. 


Wire Jewellery

Coated copper wire can get dirty from dust and wear. To clean wash it in warm water in a basin with mild dishwashing liquid. Use a soft toothbrush to get to those hard to reach places. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.

DO NOT USE acid based cleaners of coated wire, or gold plating it will remove the coating/plating. 



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