Byzantine Brass Bracelet

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Indentifcation No. 94

Byzantine Brass Bracelet | $70.00

About this piece:

Byzantine weave Bracelet is handmade from Jewellery Brass using 1.2mm (ring size).

This bracelet has some weight to it, because it's brass  it will tarnish. It is very easy to bring back to its glorious shiny (see link below)

The clasp is a stainless steel gold coloured lobster clasp.

Note: Jewellery Brass is an alloy of brass that was created for its beauty. It's made from 85% copper and 15% zinc. This is a higher copper content that yellow brass which sometimes has as little as 60% copper. Freshly polished jewellery brass is very close to the color of high carat gold. 
Sometimes known as Red Brass, Merlin's Gold or Nu Gold.

See how to clean Copper and Brass

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